"As a long time client of Carrara Nevada, the Nevada Association of REALTORS® has forged a winning relationship with Carrara Nevada. 
Rocky and his team have been instrumental in branding the REALTORS® as a political powerhouse in our State Capitol. Rocky’s visionary leadership, keen advise not only myself, but also to our association’s leadership, have been at the forefront of our rise to political significance

and power in Nevada. The respect he commands in the halls of Carson City, from both Republicans and Democrats, enables shrewd positioning for REALTORS® on our issues. Bar none, Rocky is at the top of his game, and as his premier client, we benefit immensely, and you will too."


Teresa McKee, JD CAE, Chief Executive Officer
Nevada Association of REALTORS

Wonderful job on our issue (AB 452, 2015 session), you guys are great. Thanks for all of your hard work for Pivotal Tax Solutions.

I really appreciate it.


Chris Glidewell, President
Pivotal Tax Solutions

I just wanted to send a quick note to highlight just how great Rocky and Jenny were during the Nevada Legislative Session. They did an amazing job. I was working and watching SB 296, late in the session, and Rocky was instrumental in getting this bill passed. It was a herculean effort, and Rocky delivered for GSK and the industry.
Rocky, great job and I appreciate all your hard work you do for PhRMA and PhRMA members companies.


Kurt Stembridge, Governmental Relations
Glaxo Smith Kline

We work with firms across the country, and I consider Rocky and his team one of the best in terms of their knowledge of the players in Nevada, the lay of the land, and recognizing how issues that PhRMA may be pursuing in Nevada will positively or negatively impact the pharmaceutical industry and our member companies. When it comes to Nevada, there is no one better than Carrara Nevada.


Jeff Woodhouse, Regional Director

As CEO for the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, I’ve had the experience of working with a number of top tier lobbyists in Nevada. As we approached the 2015 session, the HCC wanted to raise its profile and involvement in the state’s legislative process. After interviewing a number of firms, the Board opted to contract with Rocky Finseth and Carrara Nevada to serve as our legislative lobbying firm. They quickly proved themselves as the right choice for the HCC.   


Rocky and his team provided exemplary and prompt customer service and instantly turned the HCC into a pro-active legislative force. Using their broad and influential network, Rocky and his team embraced the HCC’s diverse advocacy committee and inserted us into the legislative process on an array of critical issues relevant to the HCC’s business-oriented membership. 


The HCC’s Board made a wise decision in selecting Carrara Nevada, and we look forward to growing our organization into a political force with their guidance and direction in the coming years.


Scott Muelrath, CEO

Henderson Chamber of Commerce

The team at Carrara Nevada does a superb job at keeping me abreast of legislation impacting our industry. Their advise on issues impacting the physical therapy industry in the Nevada Legislature is critical to our overall success. Session after session, Rocky and his team have delivered for us.


Jenelle Lauchman, President

Nevada Physical Therapy Association

As President of the Nevada Land Title Association, it has been my pleasure to work with Rocky Finseth and his team for over a decade. The title insurance industry plays an important role in the real estate market. Our needs are very complex and critical to the continued health of the Nevada real estate economic engine. Having a firm that understands the depth and unique needs of our industry, in addition to being able to maneuver our member companies through the challenging maze of the legislative process, has created an important partnership.


I believe that the true measure of a lobbying firm is the tenure with their clientele. The Nevada Land Title Association is proud to have one of the longest running relationships with Carrara Nevada, spanning nearly 20 years. No matter what the issue may be, Carrara Nevada ensures that our members' voices are heard inside and outside of the State Capitol. Regardless of how difficult the issue may be, Rocky and his team are constantly by our side representing the interests of the NLTA.


Sylvia Smith, President

Nevada Land Title Association