Carrara Nevada is a full service government affairs firm. We help clients pursue
their interest before key decision makers in Nevada, whether at a state or local
level of government.


Carrara Nevada has been in existence for over two decades, and its staff has over a half of century of experience working issues in the State of Nevada.


An effective government relations program must educate elected officials and other government decision makers in an honest, forthright, comprehensive and timely manner. Understanding Nevada's unique brand and style of politics that shape public policy is essential if legislative success is to be achieved. Our team's knowledge of the governmental process, our established relationships, and our​ ability to reach key decision makers guarantees that our clients' interests are conveyed and attained.


The Carrara Nevada team in Carson City is led by Rocky Finseth, managing director and company principal. He is assisted in the Capitol by Jenny Reese and Connor Cain.


In 2019, the firm is honored to have both Sam McMullen, formerly of The McMullen Strategic Group, and George Ross, also of that firm, working alongside the Carrara Nevada team on all our client issues.

Although not in Carson City on a daily basis, the rest of the Carrara Nevada team is consulted on a regular basis and is part of the strategic management team. Given the unique qualifications of each team member, this creates a winning combination for our clients.

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